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How come young ladies who are in bikini pageants or beauty pageants wear platform heels ?
I recently went to a beauty pageant and during the bikini swim suit contest, the young ladies wore very tall platform heels that look like 7 or 8 Inches high and they looked like the kind that strippers wear. How come they wear shoes that strippers wear ????
Haha well models have to be superrr tall so lots of them just wear stilettos to boost their height to like 6 feet. Plus they think it looks hotter
How young is "too young" for a bikini wax?
I'm 16 years old and whenever I shave I get big red bumps that bleed and rashes, it's not pretty :/ My friend recommended that I see a pro at the salon to have it done, but I'm afraid I'm too young? Please fill me in on if it's appropriate or not to get a bikini wax at this age and if waxing will help get rid of the bumbs/rashes. Thanks!
U can get it done probly. I got it when I was 14 for my first one...
If you notice a young hot male is driving in just a tshirt and small red bikini, do you call the police?
I saw a young pretty boy around the age of 19 driving in some little bikini red underwear. His thighs were smooth, and stomach, so I guess he was young. He noticed I saw. He smiled. He was not doing nothing naughty, both hands on wheel, should I have called police?
Well, apparently, the asker of this question, Shane, has a speedo and/or bikini panties fetish, because he's only ever asked four questions on Yahoo Answers, and they've ALL been about men or little boys wearing Speedos or bikini panties, so, answer him if you like, but you're just "feeding the troll," as they say.…
If you notice a young hot thin male is driving in just a tshirt and small red bikini, do you call the police?
I saw a young pretty boy around the age of 19 driving in some little bikini red underwear. His thighs were smooth, and lean. Stomach had no happy trail so I guess he was young. He noticed I saw. He smiled. He was not doing nothing naughty, both hands on wheel, should I have called police?
No. He wasn't totally naked.
Would it be appropriate for me to wear a bikini while babysitting young guyren at the pool?
What do you guys think? The mom will be there. I'm fourteen; teens don't really wear one-pieces. The guys are two girls, both not yet in school, and one infant boy. Thanks. :)
Sure! Don't worry about it- as long as it's regular and not a thong bikini and it covers all it's supposed to cover- no one is going to think anything of it! You're at the pool for crying out loud! Now, if you were at the playground or in the park, then you'd probably want to reconsider... :)

Just make sure you keep your focus on the guys- remember that you're there to do a job and watching guys at a pool is a big responsibility. But don't forget to have fun too!

(And ignore the trolls who comment about body size- you can wear a bikini no matter what your weight. They hired you because they like you and think you're responsible- not because of how much you weigh or what you look like in a bathing suit.)
Is 14 too young to get a brizillan bikini wax?
I'm thinking about getting it done I hate haveing hair down there it's a pain especially with summer comming and wearing bikinis but I just want it all gone I was gonna just buy a kit at sallys but my mom told me that I could only do it if I went to a professonal place because she doesn't want me getting burned or something going wrong but I just feel like I would feel weird because I'm only 14 is 14 too young or is it common?
Yes that's quite an early age. Once you start you can't stop so I'd out it off until you reach high school. But it really depends on how the parents feel
Is 10 yrs old too young to get a bikini wax?
My daughter was an early bloomer. However she resisted shaving in fear of over growth. Now summer's near and she want to tan and lay out. Is it OK for a young girl to get a bikini wax, preferably a brazilian?
YES. Way too young. If anything, teach her to use a razor to shave her bikini line. If she absolutely seems terrified, help her to administer and properly time a hair dissolving cream. Better yet, tell her to wear shorts by the pool. That way she will not need to remove anything.

A bikini wax will more than likely lead to problems because a) it will hurt like HELL! and b) her pubic hair is still growing and if you wax her now, chances are she will end up with ingrowing hairs.

If you decide to show her how to shave down there safely, you might want to give her some tips on how to keep everything neat...
Do you think anything bad about guyren's parents when their young guys are in bikini's?
I don't see anything wrong with guyren in bikini's but some people seem to comment about it and say that guyren under 10 should wear one-pieces. They say that their parents and growing them up too fast. Do you see anything wrong with it? Why or why not?
No way I think it's fine. They aren't doing anything sexual it's just a bathing suit. Check me out when I was a baby LMAO:…
Is 15 too young to wear a bikini?
I just brought one of those white swimsuits/bikini from aeropostal. Its with with aero written on the bottom and one side of the top not sure should i keep it yet. But I wonder if it would be a bit too showy? My mom approves though she got it with me..but she hasn't seen me in it yet.
i think you'll be fine - 15 isnt 13.
but if she doesnt approve after she sees you in it -
try getting a mono kini - just as cute…
Is it okay for a young married woman to wear a seashell bikini top?
I want to surprise people at the beach; but especially my husband, who considered me to be inhibited.
it's okay for you to wear anything you want to wear, I think it's great that you're going beyond the limits that you would normally have put on yourself in order to please & surprise your husband!!

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