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How do girls feel about boys wearing panties?
I'm a 21 year old male and where panties everyday and at night I wear as much girl clothes as I can find, like bras, stockings, garters, skirt.... I just wanted to know what girls thought of this, my ex gf dealt with it butwasn't the biggest fan
i dont know and i dont want to know but if you like it i am sure there are woman out there that likes it to
What do people think of a boy wearing panties?
I am a 14 year old boy who like to wear women panties i don't really know why but i would think it would be a fetish but i really enjoy it and would like to wear panties all the time i want some advice on how to get panties and where would be some of the best places thanks for taking the time to answer but i don't want anyone leaving oh your gay or any mean comments and no i am not gay or bi but just a boy with a fetish.
from most peoples presective a guy wearing panties is weird, but if you really do enjoy wearing them then whos to say you cant. I/m a guy and ive been weaing panties for quite a wile. i dont have much time but ill give you some short edvise, 1 if your trying to get some with out people knowing I'd suggest going to walmart for 2 reasons #1 they have self check-out #2 you can decide wich style and size best fits you, idk as a heads up for the most part pantie breifs and hipsters fit the best but it depends on the person. As for wearing them @ school if your afriad of people seeing them like in the P.E locker you could wear some light gym shorts over them then when you get home take em off ( i'm gay so i doent care if people see my panties so it never bothered me if any anti-gay people saw'em) but i know as a straight person you would rather have people not find out, sorry guydo i gotta run, i guess if you need any help you can email me but i dont check my email all the time

Good luck :D

ps i was straight when i started to wear panties so i know how you are feeling right now, and no just cuz you wear em doesnt meen your gonna turn gay like i did, its a choise not a lable cuz what clothes you wear!

Why can girls wear boxers but boys cant wear panties?
What im trying to say is why does society accept girls wearing boxers but not boys wearing panties.I mean when girls wear boxers the terms ew, gross, and your gay don't come to mind, but when boys wear panties they do.Also, i'm not stupid i know panties aren't made for men.
Because it looks weird. Boxers are like short pants so its okay, I guess. Its like girls can wear pants and boys cant wear tutus.
Boys wearing panties?
Ok so im 15 and have always wanted to try out panties and i was wondring if there are any other guys my age that wear them and if i want to buy a set what are the best style and what do i say to the cashiere. Also looking for girls experiences too. And whats the youngest age you wore them at.
you can buy it from any shop , shopkeeper does not bother what you buy, he is only interested in selling
Boys wearing girls panties?
im a straight boy who just started wearing girls panties as they are so cumfy, does any other straight boys wear them and think they are cumfy. also girls whats your opinion.
i love your name are you a fan of harry potter? but anway wear them as long as nobody sees them. :-)
Boys wearing girls panties?
I am a 15 year old boy who likes to wear girl panties I think the feel is so good is there other boys out there who do this to? and what do u girls think of this ?
I've never really felt the urge to wear them, but I won't deny ever having tried them on hah

When we were little, my friends and I went into my sisters dresser and tried on her thongs lol... There were like three of us.

We were all "straight" and I don't think I really understood why I was having so much fun at the time
Do a lot of boys wear panties?
I heard a couple days ago that there are a lot of boys that like to wear girl panties! Is it true?
I'm not sure if there is alot or not, I know that I wear them everyday under all my boy clothes. I've hooked up with my fair share of girls and most of them seem very surprised by it, as if it was something unusal to them.
Boys wearing girl panties?
I am 15 I wear girl panties I want to wear them all the time I Want my mom to find out the hard way .... So I plan on sleeping in just panties and in the morning she wocks me up and pulls my covers off she will see my panties .... do u thinks she will care make fun of me or help me shop for them at the store? my mom is nice do u think my dad would go crazy or he will help to ? they are nice parents
I. being a lon time married transvestite / crossdresser with a very supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful wife, who has taught me all the traits to emulate women to the nines from presentation, standing, walking, sitting, mannerisms, make up, hair, nails, etc and have a very extensive wardrobe including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS, have NO problem wearing female panties, but for young "guys" such as yourself - I don't think you are quite ready for this.. You may think you are, and have read a lot about males etc who do so, and I quite truthfully think you are not ready for this..
As for the comments of "PopTart" about female panties not being comfortable. how can you make a comment of that nature...? Have you ever BEEN a male to experience whether they are "comfy" or not..?
Sure if you are going to wear "dental floss" style panties, that's a problem, but I wear bikini style panties, and I've NEVER had a problem,
Rachelle In High Heels.
Boys wearing girl panties?
I want someone to come shop for them with me should I tell my mom and ask her or tell my loveing aunt?
Ask the one you think would be more likely to agree to go lingerie shopping with you.

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