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How can i get the girls at school to leave this poor chinese girl alone?
all of the white girls at my school hate this chinese girl becuase her bf is white. there is nothing wrong with interracial dating. i think they are all jealous of her because the guy is really hot!! but i cant stnad to see her get picked on. what to do?
1. Tell them to **** off. They are jelous.
2. If that doesn't work, secretly tell a teacher.
3. Be a friend to the chinese girl. Sitting here and asking a question like this won't help her.

Besides...shouldn't her boyfriend be sticking up for her?
What is hotter sexy navy chinses girl, or sexy chinese school girl?
tattoo include pictures
school girl
There is a new chinese girl from beijing in my school that I want to be friends with,?
I half philippine&chinese, and half white.
I really want to relate to her, but i don't speak chinese. She has broken english, and I really wish to communicate with her fluently.
I only know a couple phrases. We both share an interest in japanese culture though.

How can i become better friends with her?
Just talk english!This will help her to improve it, and she appreciate a lot. Just be patient, and don't laugh her funny pronunciations, you should encourage her to be brave when it comes to speak english. She could also teach you chinese, this would be great. Help you guys each other, like homework etc. To start, just ask her some chinese word, then go further on.
Please recommend French school of ballet to 16 years old Chinese girl?
Chinese girl learn ballet five years in China now planned to learn dance in French school of ballet Please recommend some of French school of ballet to me and how to application
You are too old for the POB school. They accept new student up to 12 years of age. What the other answerer suggested is wrong. They will not take you. At your age training is expected to be over, The latest they take any student is 13 & up and that is only if they are international metal winners. POB is very strict about that. Very few ballet academies that are affiliated with a company will take anyone 16 unless there training is done. Then they school them for a year to learn their style and repertory before apprenticing with a company. I suggest you find some small studio. If your training is finished, you may want to try the Royal Ballet in England or SAB in NYC. They will take dancers 16 years old if they are finished and train them in their respective styles. Paris Opera Ballet school will not.
Any Seniors help me with approaching this(chinese) girl in school?
yo senior sisters and brother, im 16 and i recently saw this chinese girl who was i believe almost same age as me, her eyes are shiny that attracts me, nice fringe hair, her back view also attracts me after school when i saw her. This is the first time i feel so serious, that i want to make friend( i never talked to her before) with her and hopefully soon be my girlfriend=) ( i usually saw her around the canteen and hallways, only during breaks and after school lunchtime, not same class as me, Ahh, shes has got a female goodfriend buddy she walks around with all the time.) can suggest me on how should i get her contact so i can sms or call her when i feel like hanging out or sharing with her?? i really feel that unique aura when i pass by her at school. =D this is my first time, so i really felt great if someone can give me cool or sweet advice that works.
find someone that knows her and ask about her.then try to talk to her.just say "hi".she should respond.get her friend to introduce you to her if you know her.
Would it be wierd if a chinese guy dated an indian girl in high school?
my best friend is chinese and i feel like i might REALLY like him, but in our school there are NO interracial relationships and i don't want people to make fun of us...would it be wierd? and most people think i'm black anyways because i have dark skin so it doesn't help the situation
Look, what would be weird is if you don't go after that one person who makes you happy! Who cares if there are no interracial relationships in your school? That could just be because someone doesn't want to take the chance & stand out! If you like him, by all means, go for it! You could lead others who like someone because they're a different color, nationality, anything, to date who they please. Everyone will have opinions, but as long as YOU are happy, don't worry about what anyone else thinks!
Why guys at my school tells me CHINESE GIRL when i don't look chinese?
People that are calling you chinese when you don't even look chinese is because they are JEALOUS! are you gonna listen to them?NO!because they are jealous,if a girl that looks chinese,are they gonna tell her(CHINESE GIRL? NO!because she already looks chinese! The guys that are making fun of you because they don't have manners! they are just trying to make you sad and hate your self!!! well atleast you are smart and pretty! if they bother you again!just ignore them!smile and say to them:Yes i am chinese,you've got a problem?i'm proud of being chinese!!! that's the best answer!!!!!!! they will get angry and they will never want to bother you again!!!:):):):):) I'm happy to help :) Remember!!they are weirdo's!and they are jealous of you!!!
ur not supposed to answer ur own question sweetie
What i want to say if i fall in love with chinese girl in my school?
give some advice
Most people who FALL in love eventually fall out of it at some point. Falling for anything is fickle as one is not in control of the movement. Also if u thnk u've fallen in love but you've never spoken to her most likely your just infatuated. Know the true condition of your heart cus you could be hurt real bad and hurt the other as well.
On the other hand If two people grow in love it's better 4 longevity.
Would a western girl going to a japanese or chinese high school be popular, unpopular, or neither?
im just wondering....
My daughter went to school in Japan when she was 11. She was very small and petite, and has blonde curly hair. She said that the other students always wanted to be around her, and would not stop petting her hair. She said that they went out of their way to be around her. But, she is normally very quiet, and not loud and brash. She did speak the language better than most of the other students in her exchange group. She did say that the boys in her exchange group were not so lucky. They were picked on, and ridiculed. They were not so nice to them, but she said that the boy that was picked on was the typical "rude American". I think that how you are received is dependent on your personality type. My daughter did say that you are always seen as an outsider though. Their society is basically a closed society.

After my daughter returned home, she still kept in touch with many of her friends there. The following year, we had a group from Japan come here, and my daughter had several Japanese students running up to her, jumping up and down, screaming her name in the airport. They all remembered her and her name. Even the teachers remembered her. That was really nice. All of them wanted to come to our house, to see where my daughter lived. So we had a big pool party here. We have had probably 10 exchange students stay with us, and a Japanese teacher lived with us for a school year.

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