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Can Gorgeous teens grow up to be less attractive?
Gorgeous/ Hot? Just was wondering and was bored thanks!(:
yeah they can get really fat
.....I won't say the word, don't worry. But gorgeous teens of y!a, what will your friends unwrap on the 25th?
Oh and are they your best friends etc....?

I need ideas! :)
No idea!
Probably something novelty, with a sensible one thrown in to. Like
~ A funny pair of socks and some eyeliner~
Or something like that. I like to make mine Funny, then Normal thrown in too. But you could get her something that she loved. E.g. Penguins then get her a t-shirt with a penguin on it and a penguin biscuit and a penguin cuddly toy!

Answer mine please?

= )
Who are like top 10 drop down gorgeous celebrity teens that either look like a bad boy or play one?
just make sure they range from 16-28 and could play an 18 yr old hands down???
taylor Laughtner.
Michael Phelps.
Ryan Sheckler.
Daren Kagasoff
Zac Efron
.... idk.
Why are most girls average as guys but as teens there GORGEOUS?
you kno like "pretty up"
That's because once us girls get into teenage years, (most of us) know how to take care of themselves in a way to sort of "pretty up". Getting more mature, losing the baby faces, obviously, we get more womanly features onto our bodies that make us more attractive. Thing is, even as little girls we were gorgeous, it just really wasn't shown/noticed. =) It's so weird, I was thinking the same thing not too long ago. There's lots of girls in my school who are so pretty, but they really didn't show it until recently. I guess it's just something we always have, but don't know how to show it until the teenage years.
Gorgeous Skin for teens book?
Has anyone tried the Gorgeous Skin for teens book?
i havent but i want to
What do you think when you see a really gorgeous teen girl?
Nothing perverted please.
Makes me wish I was 40 years younger.
What are some great snobby, popular, vain, gorgeous and rich teen girl names?
I need those type of names for a character in my book. Thanks a billion if you can help!
London (yes, we watch the Suite Life, too!)
How can I find dresses that looks like a teens dress that fits a guy?
I am 13. I am very small for my age and for promotion I want a dress that is about a size 3 but it wont fit. I have checked nordstrom and I found a gorgeous dress, but its to big. I want to get it altered but i think it would be long still. And I like the bottom the most. Thanks (:
hey im really small too and have the same problem because guy's dresses always are too young and just dont look right. i have found a couple stores that work, though, if i buy an extra small, 00, or 0. if you go to a store called urban outfitters, the xs runs a lot smaller than most stores and should fit you. you just have to look around and find something.
Drop dead gorgeous teen girl ")?
How can a teen girl look drop dead gorgeous? I'm 17 and slim/curvy..Brown hair extentions and dark brown eyes.

How can i just walk down the road or sit on a bus,,and just have this charisma/glow towards me?

How can i make people's heads turn and have a second look.

What techniques should i consider?

x x x x x
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Drin kwater every single day,,skip all the unhealthy food like cake, (ice cream << only 1 in awhile), chocolate, sweets etc...

Exercise everyday,,,Do exercises that u think is fun for u...personally i suggest dancing :)

Wear crucial makeup and jewelry..Comb hair nicely..
Wear clothes that compliment ur figure...New Look, Primark, H$M, Outfit...<< r cool stores for teen :)

Be confident...hold ur head up high,,and speak up 2 be heard...don't hout and be voilent to get attention !!!!

Be sweet to everybody even people who u not so like.. Don't show depression,,,

Br friendly and make people feel comfortable around u :)
Teen girls: Your sitting in a coffee shop and you are informed that the most gorgeous man?
the most compassionate, handsome, and well-built man you will ever lay eyes on is coming to the coffee shop in 30 minutes. No one else is in the coffee shop, and you have time to go back to your house and prepare.

What would you do to prepare? Could be more make up, fixing your hair, change of clothes, perfume etc?

Assume you are single

Your answers?
Oh, *drool*.

Assuming I have my bag with me, I'd already have everything I need to prepare myself for such an encounter and wouldn't have to go home. I also wouldn't go to a coffee shop alone, so I'd grab my friends and we'd head over to the in-store bathroom together (like we girls do) fix our make up and hair and then spray on some perfume.

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