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Large nipples?
Im a 34C and my nipples are big, im starting to feel really self conscious about them, any advice? Is there anything i could do about this? Are big nipples a turn off?
Everyone's boobs are different. Some men (and women) will love your big nipples - some won't mind either way. In my opinion big nipples are lots of fun. ;) Don't worry about it - you can't change it, so you may as well learn to love and be proud of it.
Should I be embarrased as a man with very large nipples?
I have very large nipples for a man and feel a little embarrased when they stick out from my shirts. I feel embarrased to take my shirt off in front of people. Should I be embarrased about having very large nipples?
There's nothing to be embarassed about, honey. We all look different without our clothes on.
As embarassing as it is for me, i have fairly large nipples for a guy, What can i do to reduce the size?
I have lost over 62 lbs in the past 4 months and my nipples are quite large. As much weight as i lost, i feel like im doing something wrong. But i feel that it is uncommon for a guy's nipples to be this big.
It's hereditary...some people have larger nipples! I am afraid there is not much you can do...I think surgery would leave scars! *
How do I make my large nipples go away?
I'm 18 years old and I'm make and for the past few years I've had dis-proportionally large nipples. I am skinny and in decent shape (I am a runner) and I am only 5'9". Yet I have nipples with a circumference bigger than a quarter. They are also very saggy and droopy, not pointed like most guys' nipples. Is there any fix for this? Like I said, I am not overweight at all, so it's not fat.
You probably cannot fix this, it is just the way your body is, so love yourself just the way you are! No one is perfect, everyone has something about them that they don't like or don't think is right. If this is serious enough to you, then seek a plastic surgeon although that is considered cosmetic and you would have to pay out of pocket. good luck!
Is it true that men prefer women to have large nipples?
My sister told me that men prefer large nipples and large areolas on women. It's a real turn on. Is that true?
Its definately a turn on for me dark wide areolas on a wite breast really stand out and looks awesome and thick long nipples are just icing on the cake sis is right
Should I be embarrassed about my large nipples?
I have very large, red nipples and I am a guy. They are about the size of a half-dollar coin and are kind of puffy as well. Should I be embarrassed about them or will girls find them sexy?

What should I do!
I think all guy "ta tas" are s3xy.
I too have large nipples for a guy, is surgery the only answer?
I have had large nipples since puberty, they were really embarressing when i was younger but have learnt to deal with them as i have become older. They are smaller when they are cold and do not look as big and embarressing. Are their any other guys out there with this same problem? I am not over weight, i have tried excercises but my pecks just get harder but the nipple still stays large.
Get your doctor's opinion
Any reason other than pregnancy for large pink nipples?
my female cat has never had large nipples, for her entire life (4 years). when we noticed large pink nipples, we assumed she was pregnant. however, she just went into heat, so i'm guessing pregnancy is out of the question. (don't worry, we're planning on getting her spayed asap) but is there any reason other than pregnancy that her nipples would suddenly appear like this?
Cats are receptive in their heat cycle for about 4 - 10 days. Technically, she could become pregnant during the early part of this cycle and still behave as in heat, but after this 10 day period, if she is pregnant, she is no longer in heat.

I have large nipples what do i do?
I am a teenage male with very large nipples. What should i do about it.
find someone to suck on them...

scott,,, tisk tisk tisk... be nice!
Do male dobermans have large nipples?
I have fostered or owned dobermans for a couple years now. Of all the males, I have noticed that many have large nipples like a ***** that has whelped or they have benign nipple growths.

Is this a breed thing or just a coincidence?? None of my other dog breeds have ever had nipples this big.
Actually in rescue I've seen several males with nipple growths. I was wondering this not too long ago. I put it down to bad genetics....

We usually have them removed during the neuter. I've never noticed them on females.

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