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Why are people obsessed with male anal sex on here and shoehorn it in on a religious context?
I've never seen lesbians mentioned. Or damned to hell.

And gay men seem to be portrayed and evil demons who don't have a normal life their existence is just sticking their bits in other men.

Anal sex between men isn't the be-all-and-end-all of homosexuality. Love, intimacy, companionship, etc., all the other things that come into normal relationships enter into it too. As well as normal life, including religion.

Why are they portrayed as sex monsters very frequently?
Not me.

Romans 1:24-27
What is the best lube for male-male anal sex?
I want something that's condom compatible, but I wonder what kind of anal lube would cause the least or no discomfort. I bought a lube that's suppossed to be made just for male anal sex, but even it seems to have a little sting to it. I loved to use vaseline but learned that it along with any other petroleum based product will cause the condom to break.
I like Probe.
Are there any studies that show male-male anal sex is safe?
I'm particularly concerned about the traumatic aspect of it all and whether or not routine anal sex causes fecal incontinence down the road.
After extensive research, I come to conclude that the only thing wrong with anal sex is not getting any. :P
Can someone show me before and after pictures of male anatomy after anal sex has occurred?
Had anal sex, hearing things, friend needs a body fix.
Unless a guy is repeatedly impaled or impaled with larger devices, there is no change; a male's penis is about the same size or smaller than what comes out of the anus naturally.
Is male anal sex unhealthy? I am a homosexual and love penis in my anus...?
I love are hot any other males agree?
Male anal sex is fine, I won't say unhealthy.

I don't find men hot, but there are good looking guys out there that I am jealous of.
Can a male have anal sex using a female condom us his a**?
I was wondering when having gay sex two gay guys can use a female condom instead of a male condom
Yes, you can use a female condom for anal sex. Just be sure to remove the inner ring from the condom before inserting it.
Does the bible Torah or Quran prohibit male / female anal sex ?
A lot of people are disgusted by the thought of homosexual sodomy but I cannot find any laws or prohibition of Male female sodomy ?

Is there anything about this in any holy book ?
Heterosexual sodomy is seen a sbeing forbidden and is referred to as "unnatural cohabitation" in various rabbinical writings. where the prohibition comes from is a matetr of debate.
1) The same place as homosexual sodomy. the reasoning for this is that we follow the context wihin which the verse is found- in this case it is within discussions of various forbidden heterosexual relationships. Why is it raised in the homosexual context then? The reason for this would be that the Torah uses the minimal required language. the male/male penetrative sex act is much easier to articulate in the euphemastic manner that he Torah uses here than if a male/female penetrative acrt was being described (as there is also normal vaginal sex which is allowed).
2) Some place it within the area of acts done by the egyptians that are forbidden to us
3) Other argue it comes under the heading of "disgusting" behaviours and is thus forbidden.

However, there are opinions that allow it in a limited sense. While disapproving of it, and statign it should not be done, rambam does state that if a married couple's relationship is being destroyed because of a desire for this kind of act, and them not doing it, they can perform the act but should do so only to cure themselves of the desire and should not make it something they do frequently. However, the majority opinion (and the one we follow), is that the act is forbidden and cannot be done
My male friend recieves anal sex from his girlfriend, does that make him gay?
Does that make him gay because he enjoy his girlfriend fingering his anal???

What are the signs of a gay man?
no I mean its not gay, its only gay if he's picturing a guy and he wants a guy to cuddle with him after it...other than that, its just for pleasure.
Is anal sex physical damaging to a male ?

Me and my boyfriend have been active with each other about 4-5 times a week. It is not uncommon for us to spend 1-2 hours at a time. Most of the time ( while it dose not bother me ) he prefers to receive anal intercourse. I'm getting concerned that this may not be healthy for him, can any one enlighten me on this ?
too vigorous thrust of your penis into his rectum could cause tearing and infection

use a lube, a condom, and be sure his rectum is clean

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