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Best/worst Oral Sex Stories! Lets have some fun while we work!?
Guys and Gals: What is your funnest or most embarrassing oral sex story? Many some mind blowing oral or something that was totally awkward. I will share one of each:

Mind Blowing: My boyfriend took me into a dressing room at the mall, sat me down, pulled off my bottoms, and used every trick in the book it seems like. I only lasted about 2 minutes....maybe because it was such a thrill!

Most embarrassing: Another boyfriend went down on me and I had to sneeze but tried to fight it off for a really long time. Eventually I sneezed and farted really loud at the same time, with his tongue about an inch from my butt hole. So embarrassing. We never did that again, and broke up about 2 weeks later.

Please share...I am trying to kill some time at work today!!
This was a long time ago...1990, I was 19 years old. I gave him oral and he you know what all over my hand, then he proceeded to return the favor, and in the heat of things I started rubbing myself and inserted a couple fingers. I ended up getting prenant. Talk about a horrible oral story! But the good thing is I have a wonderful son and a husband of 18 years!

As for the most embarrassing...I'm not sure. One gross thing when I was like 16 was me and my b/f were doing it in the dark, and I didn't know that i just started my period. He pulled out and I gave him head and there was blood on his penis. That was totally sick!
Girl with no vagina gets pregnant via oral sex?
I wanted to share this story with you, perhaps we should be showing it to the many young people who come on this site asking if it is possible to get pregnant through clothing/heavy petting/touching etc.


And my question - would you have ever believed this to be possible?
OMG that's scary!

Though without the stabbing I doubt she would have gotten pregnant at all.

Pointless showing this to teens on here as it will only lead to more 'am I pregnant' questions.
How to ask a guy if you can give them oral sex (Read story first)?
I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 months and he likes taking things slow so I won't feel pressured. I really would like to give him head (it's a fetish of mine) so if you have any ideas on how I could ask him please share! I can't do it with a straight face so something funny would help :)
Just start kissing him and putting your hand down there. The glory is that when men get worked up all they can think about is sex. . . .
What do you think of this story of oral sex and cleanliness?
A friend of mine (female), told me she was about to give oral sex to a guy she had been talking to for awhile. As she was pulling down his underwear, (they were lying in bed) she noticed that they were horribly stained in the back. She said it was so gross, she couldn't continue.
haha. bless him, he is very discusting, maybe he has an illnes. did she even stop to ask? no? neither would i. lol
Second graders engaging in oral sex in Oakland elementary school classroom?

What do you think about this story? Does it encourage you to talk with your guyren more about sex or less? Where was the teacher? There are only 23 guys in the class.
Thats horrid :(
The poor guydies
Oral Sex...?
I played the "nervous game".
This is how it happened.I was at the park with my friend.Lets call him A.We were swinging on the swings.We were super bored.We were talking and somehow we got into the subject of sex.A told me he wasn't a virgen anymore.Then he told me about the nervous game.I never knew about it till he told me.Its when a someone puts their hand on your knee and asked"Are you nervous."if you say yes he stops and then its your turn to do it to that person or if you say no he goes up and asks again untill you say no or untill they go down your pants into your underwear or boxers.So I said ok lets play that cause he kept saying i wouldn't play and i was a chicken so i told him "wanna bet."So we went behind some trees and played.Then after that he told me another way.So he put his hand on my shoulder and asked if i was nervous.I kept saying no,I have no clue why,then he went in my shirt and grabbed my b oob and squeezed it.i started laughing.THis is not the end of the story.
Anytime you lick a mans penis, it is considered oral sex. If you were caught licking it by an adult or worse a cop it goes down in there report as oral copulation. Your way, way, to young and naive to be playing such games. You need to stop doing this before you end up taking the next step and then find yourself pregnant. If you think this boy cares about you or is in love with you, you can forget it. He wants in your pants and is well on the way to accomplishing that. You need to learn some self respect and just say no to these games.
I didn't tell my girlfriend I wore fake teeth and had oral sex ... (long story short): I lost one!?
Odd situation: I was casually pleasuring my girlfriend and then one of my teeth got lost (you know where!). I haven't seen her for three days now and still missing a tooth (incisor). Do you reckon she found it or do I make up a lie about it being missing? Perhaps it's still up there! Help!
LMFAO that's hilarious..I'm sorry.
But hmm I really wouldn't know how to approach that subject. If you two are rather close. I would just ask her straight up. Its embarrassing yes. But perhaps it just fell onto the bed or something.
That's pretty crazy man and I hope you find your tooth..I'm sorry..

My ex girlfriend and oral sex ? help !?
i currently have a girlfriend . but my ex and i have been talking a lot lately . friendly convos . but today me and her just started discussing oral sex and long story short . we ended up making plans for me to give her head . and shes extremely happy . but i dont want to cheat on my gf . then again i do want to give my ex head . what should i do ? im so confused . does my ex still have feelings for me ? or am i just being the typical guy ? a "dog" . we flirt often . but we rarely see each other at school . i dont want to hurt either girl , especially when me and my gf just patched up our bumpy relationship . im a really nice guy . :( . im just lost .
Don't do it! Choose one girl NOT both. Save this type of sexual activity for after marriage. Good luck!
How common is oral sex?
I hear stories at the workplace about guys getting sucked. How common is it really, percentage?
Why didn't my dentist perform oral sex on me?
I always hear of these stories when men have sexual encounters with their doctors, but I didn't have one with my dentist today? How come?
Probably because you didn't try hard enough. You gotta let them know. Or, because it's unrealistic. You decide ;)

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