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All Comments

Any know where i can find paris hiltons video?!?
im looking for paris hiltons porn video! cant find the free website and i dont want to buy it. please paste the link =]
I usually find some nude celebrity videos on
Paris hiltons new video (mcr fans look at this it has to do with you)?
if any one has seen paris hiltons newest video and my chemical romance i'm not okay video do you think that paris copyed off of them here is the link for them mcr… Paris

no haters PLZZZ
Yeah, definately. I noticed that too.
Who is the boy in Paris Hiltons video for Nothing In This World?
I just would like to know the actors name.
who cares

he must be desperate to be in a paris hilton video
Does anyone know who that cute boy is from Paris Hiltons video "Nothing in this world"?
He's the one who Paris is slutting around, he looks like a younger version of Jack Black
Anyone who is associated with Paris Hilton in any way should remain nameless.
Whose the guy in Paris Hiltons video?
Nothing in this world.

Whose that boy ^ :]
Little Billy Two Shoes
Paris hiltons new video?!?!?
wow i thought her first video was bad enough..her secons one was worse..whose the smart one who had the idea to dance around a 14 yar old boy in her underwear and take her bra off infront of him??! some ppl r really stupid..i cant help but laugh when ever i see her. what do u think?
first of all i think she is a slut and a disgrace to all the hilton family
she cant act and i did not see the video but i do think she belongs in a mental institute if i see her now i would walk up to her and slap her
Has Anyone seen Paris Hiltons music video "Stars are blind"?
It looks like a really long calvin klein commercial. The music is so whispery she whispered the entire song. Not to mention the background music doesn't go with the song at all. She even tried to be sexy it really didn't work. She looked pathetic she tried way too hard. Makes Britney Spears look like the best damn vocalist in the world. I can see the little valley girls buying her cd now.. singing her boring generic lyrics.
yes i hate it!!!!!!!!!
Paris hiltons xxx video?
Who did she do it with and where was it done
anyone seen it
is it good
what happens
why does her dad let her do it ?
-She is famous because her dad has a lot of cash :-)

no i Haven seen the movie... i prefer not to see it since i find Paris Hilton pathetic and laughable

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