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Straight teen boys attracted to other boys butts?
I heard that sometimes STRAIGHT teen boys are attracted to boys butts. I mean like they don't fine anything else attractive about them...just there butts. Is that normal? because im straight, but there are times when i notice.
Thats normal. All straight guys are at times attracted to something about another guy from time to time. It doesnt mean they are sexually attracted to that guy, it just mean that something about him is attractive to you at that moment. All guys get fashion, hair, physical build ideas from other guys. Its just normal.
What teen movie had the scene that at graduations end the graduates shoot (naked butts) the moon?
I thought it was Fast Times at Ridgemont High but others say no. The scene was right after graduation the cast (I think) are still in cap and gowns and turn their backsides to the camera and shoot the moon. That may even be how the movie ends. Thanks for your help...
its greese
How do teen girls build butt muscles and loose fat in their butts?
I am a teen girl and i want to look fabulous.....or almost fabulous. I need to loose alittle butt fat, and I want to build butt muscles. I also want to loose belly fat, and get a six-pack. Then I want to loose fat in my thighs, and build muscle. I want to build muscle in all of these three areas at the same time I want to loose fat. THE HEALTHY WAY! Can you please help me by giving me some exercises, healthy eating habit (so i can pack a healthy lunch for school), healthful habits, and weight loss secrets that actually work! I am not interested in those fad diets that don't work like: The Atkins diet, the south beach diet, the grape fruit diet....etc....etc. Thanks!
The reality is eat what you want! Portion it out and combind with veggies and cooked meat. 3-5 meals a day. Get tanned and stay that way. Purchase the book Womens Strength Training Anatomy. This shows what excercises target what muscle. 3 sets of 12 reps. First start off light then ideally allittle more then a bit heavier twoards the end. Good technique. Always drink pleanty of water. Take your protein drink ideally as soon as you can right after your wrokout. Within 30 min. Just a basic cheap kind of protein powder will do. Purchase two pairs of workout pants and two workout tops. If you want to purchase more than go ahead. This gives you something to wear to the gym. You need to get a gym membership unless you can and are willing to put some equipment in your home. Remember weight training is strength training so you have to eat foods and meals like i mentioned that will strengthen you! You will get there.
Is FOX News the Best Place to Get the Latest on Brittany&KFed and Hot Teen Butt?
I notice they are very fond of these very important issues.
There is more entertainment news on Fox than on the other cable stations. The spend about half as much time on the Iraq war as CNN and MSNBC.
Do teen girls like guys with big butts?
If they do how do i make it bigger?
No way.....little butts better
Who else that is a teen gets a bare butt spanking it hurts really bad?
Who else that is a teen gets a bare butt spanking it hurts really bad?
Who else that is a teen gets a bare butt spanking it hurts really bad?
I hate it i wish they never had spankings for guys or teens it so sucks does anybody else agree with me or not i am 14 has anybody else have this done to them be4 i hate it OMG!
They Arent Suposed To Do It Bare That Is Like Rape.! Call The Police.!!!
Teen Guy's: Are you attracted to girl's with bigger butts?
Every single guy I know, ages range from 16-22, like girls with a nice or big butt. Not saying they'll turn down a girl with a small one, but they like big butts. I asked my guy friend why and he said its because there's more to hold on to when you're making out and stuff.

Guy's, is that mainly why?
Yeah... no thats not the only reason.....becuase its pleasing to the eyes.
Skirts butts and a teen?
alright so i am a freshman and i wanna be a little more girly. i have a sort of biggish but so its hard for me to find skirts... i want a cute skirt i can wear to school but those skirts with the big thick elastic band dont work because they make my butt look ginormous!!!!!! so any places i can get a skirt that'd look good?
what stores can i go to or give me specific skirts?
Ok, first, try to lose some weight. It won't hurt. Two, when you wear a skirt, don't make it too short, (mid-thigh) because that is unflattering to big women. trying something that makes your legs look slimmer. Not something to poofy, gross, but something that isn't too tight. No pencil skirts.
Teen guys: boobs, butts or legs?
Just curious
1. A nice butt... I love a cute butt in a thong. It doesn't have to be a big butt... A firm, toned butt can be just as nice.

2. Legs... Smooth, long legs can be great.

3. Boobs... I don't really care about them too much, though.

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